Reasons Why You Should Buy Punjabi Juttis


Imagine, you are all ready for your party or any event, dressed up all pretty from head to toe real nice – fancy clothes, lovely make up and of course accessories to compliment your look. But, wait, what about your footwear? Isn’t that what we always forget about or leave out while thinking about the rest of the outfit.

And as stunning and gorgeous high heels are when paired up with a long dress or anything for that matter, let’s face it they are not the most comfortable footwear out there, and shoes are a NO-NO with a fine ethnic attire, then what do you settle for in a situation like this?

To your rescue, and to answer all ethnic footwear dilemmas, here is the easy, awesome and gorgeous looking handcrafted juttis!

Handcrafted juttis are commonly available footwear and loved by all especially in North India. Traditionally, handcrafted  Punjabi juttis were made of leather and were adorned beautifully with intricate embroidery of gold and silver threads. It was a symbol and token of Indian royalty back in the time. But because of its comfort and appearance, it is still worn by a vast majority and has been made available online.

Because they are flat, comfortable and refined looking, these handcrafted  juttis are worn with many ceremonial attires especially at weddings. One can easily find these punjabi juttis online.

Listed are a few reasons why you should buy handcrafted juttis:

  1. They are both –  traditional and fancy: Juttis are simply Indians you can’t stand to miss that out. For the most part, they are produced in Punjab subsequently the determining of their name by skilled workers who have this business from their precursors. This keeps the Indian tradition alive and beautifies it with design to guarantee that you don’t miss the style in them. Buy Punjabi, designer juttis online to give your outfit a traditional, fancy look.
  2. Handcrafted juttis can be styled for all purpose: Punjabi jutti fits flawlessly for whatever you need them to be, and they run ideal with anything you need to wear. They go about as both purpose shoes and flip flops.Now there are varieties of designer juttis available online such as sneakers, kolhapuris, etc. These could be worn with your traditional or modern outfit or matched better with your office wear or even the casual for your weekends. With any party wear you have with your girlfriends,  you can complete your outfit with handcrafted juttis – they could be worn on any occasions, and you won’t be the odd out, believe us.
  3. Designer juttis give you an ethnic charm: Pair up your vibrant or simple Punjabi jutti with your salwar suit. Whether it is a simple churidar or a proper Punjabi suit, these precious little juttis will pop your outfit like none other – we promise.
  4. Helps you rock your casual look: Pair up your handcrafted juttis with jeans. Style these up with dark denim and see how they uplift the entire look. And if you plan to keep it semi-ethnic, then a kurta/kurti plus jeans plus jutti is the rocking combination for you!
  5. Style with long skirts and frills: Punjabi juttis can also be paired up with long frilly skirts or even Rajasthani block-printed wraparounds. This look is again refreshing, comfortable and casual. Try it – it’s a success!



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