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Avail Upto 70% Off on Select Styles. Limited time Offer!

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Resurgence for Punjabi Juttis

In romance with Punjabi Jutti

History is repeating itself ‘.
Although these words of wisdom are practical in all aspects of life, history repeats itself with a trendy twist when it comes to fashion and that makes it a fascinating repetition.
The return of conventional juttis, which have been renovated as ‘Contemporary Juttis’.
The petite classic Juttis have made a revolutionary return, according to the footwear paparazzi.
The varied selection of Juttis is here to remain, from delicate traditional embroideries to newage pompoms. The best part of these Juttis is that they are perfect for women of all ages. Experts on beauty think that the use of silk threads, beads and sequins makes them suitable for all types of dressing. Although the décor of the silk thread goes right with suits and sarees, bridal wear probit model with the sequins. And with pompom jutti, outfits such as palazzo and crop pants seem chic. The fashion resurgence is due to young age designers who took the gamble and redefined the conventional black, brown and beige juttis that were previously available.
According to style analysts, it was thought that it would fade after a fleeting fanfare when the fashion made a comeback few years ago.
The rationale it triggered a big flavor is the inclusion of comfort and finish that was previously missing.
If trends analysts are to be believed, the early version lacked completion and uncomfortable soles were the greatest downside of those juttis.
Today, these juttis are coated in the glory of vivid colors that are essentially relaxed anduse leather sole for greater longevity, swinging effortlessly from elegantly multicultural to distinctly Bohemian.

Why Thread Stories is in Barrage!

The art of making juttis has been an age old craft that has been brought down by generations and today has accomplished in achieving a major position in the fashion world.
We at Thread Stories bring to you an exclusive collection of designer handcrafted leather juttis crafted by artisans who excel in their craftsmanship.
Every jutti is carefully handcrafted by these immensely skilled artisans using the finest quality of leather, fabric and embellishments, to get to to you “the perfect pair”. The juttis smoothly fits in like a dream, camouflaging the shape of your feet and giving you a complete snug fit.
Our delicate designs are results of carefully, artisically thought ideas and symmetrical patterns that would perfectly cater to our client’s expectations. We, rely on our designs, try to cater the Indian designing a tinch of most modern touch, that would make it completely stand out , thus create a craftred pair that you would love to own!
We do offer our client’s a special service of getting their juttis customized, putting in their ideas and working to get their ideal pair to life!
Our creative designing team would get in touch with you, and fulfill your demands for the same.
Since a while of our inception, we have garnered and innovated lots of love and appreciation for the collections, style and affordability of our beautiful juttis. We reach to different tastes of customers by catering them the finest quality of leather footwear in amazing prices that wouldn’t put a glitch in their pockets! In case you have not tried our juttis yet, do grab one at the earliest and we know that you’re sure to fall in love!

Make your feet happy with Threadstories:

There are several brands engaged in this art and very few are doing justice with the art and craftsman.
The most difficult task that is to balance between budget and authenticity in quality, only Thread Stories is the one out of many and is able to maintain both parameters in surprisingly balanced state.
If you are looking for every day mix and match and unimaginable color designing for festive, you search gets over with us.
100% Handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen. Every pair is quality checked before packaging. Assurance in no compromise on quality and at the same time maintaining the highest standards so that Jutti lovers feel comfortable while wearing Threadstories Juttis.

By Rohini Hans.

The Punjabi ‘jutti’ turns Mod.

After the time of the Imperial civilizations, when they harangued them, shoes have beenpart of India’s cultural landscape. Brands are also mixing conventional crafts with new styles and motifs in order to draw them to a wider audience.
ThreadStories is one of the many homegrown endeavors that augment contemporary customers’ conventional art of making juttis. In a world where India designs and builds the most mass produced apparel, while luxury shoppers dimmer switch by Italian shoemaking, Juttis have arose as an indicator of a made-in-India accoutrement that may be rooted in a heritage art, but may also stretch beyond robust seasons to a wardrobe staple.
Myth about Punjabi Jutti

  • juttis only for marriages

Oh, juttis are only for marriages, a big question mark? Traditional wear does not only means a kurta or a saree, it means much more than that …….

  • All juttis loves to bite

Not all juttis bite, if you take care while selecting you will be astonished with its smoothness, check this one for bite free experience.

  • juttis for women

Juttis are only for women and males should have foot stories without Thread

  • King and Queen age style

Designer juttis are too loud and are worn by the Kings and the queens of well to go with anything in the wardrobe.
Facts about Punjabi Jutti

  • Light weight is the unique selling point Punjabi jutti.
  • both men and women can share same design of Punjabi juttis, there is still slight difference in shape
  • No confusion for left/right and no restriction Punjabi Jutti are interchangeable.
  • The jutti is blessed with a flat sole which help in calibration of hip and gives complete comfort in walking.
  • Punjabi juttis take the shape of your feet as and when you start using it.
  • Most keep in their cars as they are better than other footwear’s while driving since sole is almost uniform, the feel is close to barefoot.

If you are of those who want to know your Love from Mystery to History the next details is for you.
Jutti: Who would envision that the humble jutti would become high fashion at last?
The jutti, a recent fave of the celebs set, has come on leaps and bounds from its roots as traditional regular shoes in North India.Both juttis and mojaris have no east or west difference, byand wide, and take the form of the foot over time. Both are flat-soled, and men wear mojaris, while Rajput women frequently wore juttis.
The front of the shoe is a pivotal point of differentiation, since juttis are often with flat fronts.

Why Punjabi Jutti are in trend:

Redefining fashion: Juttis’ Fresh Face 
Even Designer Mojris Juttis online is most loved nowadays.
If the durability of this classic Indian footwear still tempts you, here are some design picks that can be guided and explored by your fashion Quotient.
Juttis are surprisingly flexible and can be paired with a variety of outfits for a whole host of occasions. These shoes find the perfect spot between panache and comfort, whether it’s a wild evening at a wedding durbar, or a girls’ day out at a night club or the local supermarket. Here, we outline some ways to navigate with your Indian or Western wear for your jut, so you can know more about Juttis for women.

  1. The ethnic look of Juttis makes them a perfect choice for the timeless

appearance to be matched with an elegant sari along with a classy piece of temple jewelry.

  1. Monochrome jumpsuits will be much more edgy with a chic print.
  2. With a colorful pair, you can jazz up your normal bland kurta, while the same pair can accompany your favorite pair of jeans or shorts with a shirt.
  3. Many hotties have also begun to pair up in their work wear with juttis, with the flair it puts on the feet while looking snug. The best modification to a whole range of outfits, both indigenous and modern, can be a single pair of juttis, when smartly accessorized.
  4. For imperial looks:

(a) Starting with the essentials. Team up the jeans and the jutti’s white t-shirt. To match the rest, you could put on a kalamkari scarf as well.
(b) As its best season, classic pencil pants with a top and long overcoat are one look you should never miss out on. To complete the look, put in a pair of Jutti.

  1. For western looks from Indo:

(a) If you play fair, you can effortlessly align short kurtis with denim with a pair of juttis.
In order to complement your style, find the right pair of earrings and
you are ready to go.
(b) Short skirts in traditional fabrics, along with ikats and kalamkaris, may indeed be combined with either t-shirt or top with any other cloth.

Threadstories role in Rejunuvation of Punjabi juttis and Mojaris

The making of Juttis is a difficult activity entirely handcrafted by professional craftsmen who mostly hail from Punjab, involving a multitude of distinct craftsmen. Themes and drawings are used to stylize the Jutti with more contemporary twist, apart from the conventional thread and bead work. Some patterns are intrinsic and elegant, while some Juttis highlight simple or colored fabric with only a few reiterated.
Threadstories is dipped into the cultural theme and renew the art in its most loved form and the art lives forever if it is supported and chosen for mainstream, that’s exactly what Threadstories did.
Embroidered and threaded, stenciled and embellished, there is a wonderfully made.
Jutti for everyone out there, in deep reds and blues, bottle greens and many more to discover.
THE Punjab ETHNIC FOOTWEAR, the jutti, is hand-stitched with best way to improve, upper and outer layer embroidery. In the creation of all these jutti, no screws are being used and no separation between the left and right foot is made. In India, where most commodity clusters are found, the density of embroidery varies from region to region.

Find one of the best designer Juttis online at the surprising price:

Which is making these Juttis for women a Must-Buy?

Threadstories brings you the flavor of Punjab in its blended ecstasy, you can buy Punjabi jutti online also designer juttis.
Bumblebee: A bright jutti in its aura will never disappoint you! A bright yellow at the base enriched with mini rhinestone pyramids both on the front and back!

Ebony: A black base providing contrasting black and silver rhinestone sheet, accumulating a beautiful pattern on the front at the same time covering the ankle outline!

Biscotti: An off white base with geometrical alignment to place square beads covering the front and back! This special pair is a treat for your feet!

Taffy J: We had our favorite “Taffy” in our kolhapuri collection, we could not resisted to reform it in juttis too and outcome is as fab as predicted. A soft bright pink base with entire work of white beads, pearls and unicorn beads!
Amara(Ghungroos): This ghungroo jutti in Amara category is something that you would not want to miss! It just oozes elegance and is something or everything that you would not want to keep out of your garland touch footwear closet!

Abelia: We all need a white pair in any form let it be juttis, don’t we? To enhance and scaleup any casual outfit perfectly! A whitish base with brightest multi-color floral embroidery on the front and back!

All Sequins: Vertical design of tri tone sequins (blue, copper and white) touched with some pearl highlighting with a plain white base to contrast!

Aswad: A basic jet black jutti it seems? You cannot miss the miniscule detailing of floral threads embroided on the entire jutti!

Aurelia: An elegent subtle golden base with sequin relished with mirror front blended with a plain back!

Azelea: Lovable Baby pink base with combination solid magenta and leafy green embroidery in the form of a flower and leaves.

Bianco: A simple basic white jutti? You wish is our command! Completed with threadwork on the jutti, keeping it sober yet detailed.

Cecilia: Our most loved ‘Blush’ and ‘Spice Dune’ juttis were a Superhit! So we experimented of getting you a palette of colors in the same design! This resulted in subtle shade mix of Mint and light grey with over all delicate embroidery!

Canary: A lightish golden base encovered front embroidery of zari and zardosi and not to leave those white bead highlighting.

Dandelion: A subtle golden shadow with mix and match work on the front equipped with glass, sequins and cut daana beads.

Denim Perfection: Denim with white as always tried can never go wrong! The perfect denim combination mixed with detailing of transparent cut Dana beads in symetrical designing.

Empressa: Love attention? These juttis are in town to let you the talk of every place you go! An off white base loaded with heavy golden sequin, cut daana and zardozi art in a floral pattern on the front and back!

Kashfiyah: Bet! You cannot resist this one.A deep wine base with all over thread embroidery in the form of net, explicitly placed beautifully, scaling the delicate work!

Layla: Our ‘Blush’ and ‘Spice Dune’ and “Cecilia’ juttis are and always been a Superhit! So we thought of flipping it to you a palette of colors in the Layla design! This auspicious hue ferozi jutti is sure to let you skip a heartbeat!

Buy the best Designer Mojris Juttis online:

Mojari: If jutti is the trendy cousin, mojari is the rugged, powerful show stealer of the family. Although it does not mean that it is without prosperity. As a traditional style of handcrafed footwear produced in South Asia, Mojaris and juttis kind of overlap in their roots. It isalso known as khussa, which uses tanned leather culturally. Mojari also owes its roots to the Persians, like other festive styles, as was popular among the royalties, fancy shoes adorned with colorful threads, diamonds, andother ornaments were then donated. Under Dynastyreign, they are said to havebeen popularized, an explanation why they are also sometimes referred to as Shahis. A mojari is usually a man’s shoe with an extended curled toeor nokh, one of the major distinctions between mojaris and juttis. And a mojari is normally open while a jutti is closed from the rear. This mojari is indeed an old-fashioned shoe.

Beautifully Hand Crafted Kolhapuris by

Threadstories: Some Kolhapuri Chappals you desire. 
Sandcastle: A subtle golden base enriched with small golden minute tiklis placed in an artistic manner for the upper belt!

Tribal Red: This elegant kolhapuri chappals is extremely soft to wear, crafted up of soft faux leather top and a slim sturdy base!

Valerie (Matte Golden): One of our favorite, Aricraft Roses made up of sequins to compliment a matte golden shade on the upper belt!
How can you resist own one of these?


If there is one thing that is equally acute about playing dress up on your wedding day the ideal compromise between looking the most beautiful and being at your most relaxed is striking. Gold and silver heels may look gorgeous when it comes to shoes, but they assuredly do not offer comfort and ease after all during her pheras, a bride has to be relaxed, standing through the longmeetings and greets during the reception and all that’s in between. So if on your wedding day you’re a bride who’s uncomfortable wearing heels, we’ve found the right juttis that you can pick…
Comfortable, trendy and every bit festive are these copper gold juttis with sequin detailing. You know what’s an extra plus? For some Lehenga, they’ll gaze and amaze.

Take charge of Juttis

How to take care of the Juttis?

Let it be Punjabi Jutti that is you love for Punjab or even for trial purpose you buy Punjabi jutti online, some say juttis that are designer Juttis or Kolhapuri Chappals are quite difficult to take care.
Here are some tips which is as simple as gravity, so to take care gently to Juttis for women just try below methods.
Just cover the juttis with a muslin cloth or place it in a bag of muslin.
It helps to keep the shoes free of dust and maintain their shine.
Try to hold moisture away from them. If they are muddy, dry them for a few hours in the sun. Clean your juttis with a cloth if they get dusty. It’s possible to dry-clean your sneakers.

Threadstories summary sharing:

  • Look for the mix match and jutti is the best to give that self-statement look.
  • The myth and facts clears a lot to include juttis in the wardrobe and juttis online is a world of choices.
  • The fashion is ever changing and trend belongs to juttis, Mojaris and Kolhapuris
  • Thread Stories is the best to go for either ethnic or office or daily wears, as the style is young in designs and not heavy on pocket.